November 5th – Fundraising and CO Awareness Event

Today’s event was a great success, thank you to everyone who attended!

The main goal of the day was to collect donations for the local Value Village, of which they payed our team for upon delivery. Throughout the day, we collected over two tonnes of items, and were able to raise $227.55 from this fundraiser.

We also partnered with the Chatham Kent Fire and Emergency Services to promote the importance of CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors in homes, as we have access to the sale of CO detectors through FIRST Canada. They brought the fire engine to the event, too, which was wildly popular! We would like to thank our team members who contacted the fire department, and we are very grateful for them being able to attend! If you still need to order a CO detector, you can do so by emailing

Perhaps our most successful endeavor at the event was our hot dog sales. At $2.00 per dog, we were able to raise over $300! Thank you to those who brought in, and helped cook food.

We were also able to attract multiple public relations outlets, including the Chatham Daily News. Their article can be found here.

Finally, SFTSAP (Gary) was running around for nearly the entire event! Between the modifications made by the build team, and being able to control the robot from multiple devices, he was able to keep running the entire time! Children and adults alike watched as he effortlessly scaled the wooden obstacles, and fired the rubber ball.

Thank you to all who were able to attend the event! It was a great success, and should help us prepare for the season to come!

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Author: Aaron vandenEnden

Team Captain, Dean's List Semi-Finalist, Outstanding FLL Youth Mentor, Design Lead, member of Build/Electrical/PR/communications/Manual/Awards/Driving.

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